Let’s Get Physical

The time has come..

Our little boy is ONE MONTH OLD!!  Which means I’ve reached a self-imposed deadline I set several months ago… time to get back to the gym!


Yesterday, I walked into a gym for the first time in too many months to count.  I’ll head BACK there several days a week with some lofty, but reachable goals in mind.  My I-Pod is loaded with heart pumping tunes.. and I am ready to feel the burn! 

Goodbye, Runza and your amazing french fries!! Goodbye, McDonalds and your scrumptious strawberry shakes!  And Hello to who will hopefully, become a new me in the next few months.

What’s your Workout Strategy?  I’d love to hear from you!  Leave me a comment with your favorite exercise, the songs that get you moving, or the food you love that is also good for you!  Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. Sometimes I find myself dragging myself to the gym. I start off by telling myself a short, but reasonable time frame–just get through 20 minutes of cardio. After about 15 minutes, I then tell myself that I can do another 5 minutes. I repeat this until I’ve completed up to 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. I also switch up what cardio I do each session. For weights, I rely on my knowledge from working with a personal trainer to string exercises together.

    Also, the iPod songs I like best…”Image of the Invisible” by Thrice, “Mercenary Man” by Firewind, and “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback.

    Good luck Brandi!


  2. I have been doing hyp-yoga for a month now, plus cardio DVDs for calorie burn. I’ve lost 5 pounds in 5 weeks and I’ve never been able to do that before.
    They sell the DVDs locally for $40 a 6 week program. And it is made by local people. you can also do the classes at their location off of West Center. For all the info, check out their website.


  3. Well I have been over weight my whole life and have just decided that I can not do this anymore so I go to the gym everyday but 2 a week and I never thought I would say I love it! I listen to some oldies and some new stuff and I just keep moving! Good luck on your journey!


  4. My daughter is now two and I finally decided I was too embarrased with people asking me when I was due or even those that know me were asking when I planned to lose the baby fat. So this year I stopped drinking pop, joined Weight Watchers, and my saving grace…doing The Biggest Loser on my WII at night after she goes to sleep. Not only have I lost almost 15 pounds in six weeks but I have a stress reliever and some quiet time to myself at night. Good luck!


  5. Lelsie Sansone DVD’s are very handy to work out in your own living room! She has many DVDs – my favorite has a 1 and 2 mile walk using light weights. I started out using 1 lb hand weights and am now up to 3 lb. I can get a 2 mile walk in 30 minutes and have used all parts of my body. I’m sure you can get online and have it delivered right to your door. Place the baby on the floor and get to marching in place!


  6. I’ve been working out with my Wii for awhile, but that hasn’t yielded much. Now I’ve joined Weight Watchers to get my portions back into control and lost nearly 10 pounds. To assist with that, I’ll also be starting Hyp-yoga in a few weeks, I’m very excited about it as my friends have had good results with it.

    Good luck Brandi, hope you’re enjoying your new role as mom.


  7. Hey Brandi!
    Being the mom to two small kiddos, I know personally how challenging it can be to get back to the gym and find a program that can keep you motivated to keep going back. I’ve faced the struggle that I am “missing out” on my time with my little ones and I am sure you will face the same struggle. After trying a million and one programs over the past several years (my youngest is 3.5) I found one that really works for me.
    Farrell’s extreme body shaping. I’ve been going there for about a year and have lost over 20 inches and just over 50lbs, but the most exciting part is that it is time for me! I go to the 5am class daily (6 days a week) and knowing that they will miss me really keeps me motivated. The best part is along with the workouts, they have a unique nutirition plan and give you a coach so you don’t have to “go it alone” once you sign up unlike many other gym’s they actually call you if you aren’t showing up as they are very vested in your success. Its really a stress relief as well- kicking and punching bags helps me calm down and focus before I go home to my kiddos. IF you are looking for something a bit different and ready to have a lot of fun, you should join us. Best of luck. Baby weight is the hardest to lose, but you can DO IT!


  8. I worked up a sweat tonight dancing around the living room listening to KC and the Sunshine Band with my little guy in my arms! He absolutely loved it, although looked at me like I was crazy the whole time! I felt burn in my legs and held in my belly to try and strengthen the ‘muscles’ that used to be there! Good Luck!!


  9. I work out three times a week at creighton pulmonary
    rehab. I use a treadmill,new step, arm sidebeck, bike, and weights. I have pulmonary hypertension, this has helped become strong. At one point in my life I may need a double lung transplant.


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