Sibling Rivalry


The title of this post may have confused you.. Easton is our first child, so how can there be any sibling rivalry?  Well, truth be told, before the little man came along, my husband and I had another baby at home…


We adopted Mack from the Nebraska Humane Society several years ago and yes, he is our other BIG baby 🙂  He’s 80 pounds of love and affection, always looking for a belly rub and a biscuit.

I must admit–I was a little worried about how our ‘only child’ would react to someone new.  Several months before Easton was born, we started reading up on how to best prepare Mack for his new ‘little brother’.  In the hospital, we wrapped Easton in a t-shirt to bring home to Mack so he could get used to the baby’s smell beforehand.  Brian came home before the baby and I did.. to give Mack some attention after we’d been gone for a few days.  When we all came home, I made sure to take a few minutes just for Mack so he wouldn’t get jealous.

So far, Easton and Mack are best buds.. Mack is simply curious and likes to sniff the swing when the baby is in it 🙂  The only time Mack gets worked up.. is when Easton does!  If the baby cries, Mack whines.. his own way of saying “Hello!! The baby needs help!! Help him!!”

He doesn’t get as many belly rubs as he’d like now.. but Mack seems to be handling Easton very well.  Although, every now and then, I think I can see in his eyes that he knows he has to share his “Mom and Dad” from here on out.

You can take home a new friend just like Mack–CLICK HERE to see the dogs available for adoption at the Nebraska Humane Society!

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