Me and My Gang


In just a few days, Easton will be 6 weeks old.  6 WEEKS!?! Where has the time gone!  He’s now much more alert during the day.. he keeps his beautiful blue eyes open longer, makes eye contact with us, and often ‘talks’ to himself in his swing (aka.. he grunts 🙂 It’s so cute!)

It’ll be wonderful to see what happens next.. we are anxiously awaiting that first smile for his Momma and Daddy and every other milestone that comes after.  And when he’s ready, he’ll have a big group of friends waiting to play with him!

I’m one of the last ladies in my group of friends to have a baby.  Everyone’s kids are very close in age, and in a few years, it’ll be wonderful to get all of the tots together and let them run loose! 


Nathan, 20 months

Noah, 4 and Jack, 15 months

Ashton, 14 months

Ashton, 6 and Hudson, almost 3

Ashley, 5 * Owen, 4 * Aidan, 4

Shelby, 8 months

Coen, 4 months

Leah, 7 months

And just this week, I found out one of my best friends is ALSO expecting her first child 🙂  Congratulations, Cassie!  And welcome to a full and absolutely WONDERFUL club 🙂

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