Congratulations, Rob!

Tonight, my friend and coworker, Rob McCartney, will receive a huge honor: he’s the next Face on the Barroom Floor at the Omaha Press Club!

Way to go, Rob!!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this very special honor!

One of the questions I am asked most frequently about my job is “do you guys all really get along?” I always laugh and respond yes!  Rob is an INCREDIBLE journalist–he’s always pushing to find out a little bit more or to make his story a little bit better–he never sits back, he never mails it in, he never does anything halfway.   Rob is known to edit his own stories, or to stay until 3 am to make a piece as good as it can be.  His personality on air and his talent as a journalist have made him a household name in the Omaha area.

BUT.. there’s so much more to Rob than what you see on TV.  He is our newsroom leader not just because of his role as anchor.. but because of how he treats other people and his attitude in the newsroom.  There’s not ONE PERSON on our team who doesn’t like Rob and respect him.  He’s kind, funny and he always takes time for everyone whether they have a question about how to make their story better or if they just need a friend to talk to.

Tonight’s honor is well deserved for a longtime newsman and just a really good guy.  Congratulations, Rob!!

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