Return of the Jedi

RIIIIIGHT…  But if there’s a way to reference Star Wars, I’ll do it!  (By the way.. did you know the original title for the movie was REVENGE of the Jedi? Yes.. I’m a nerd..)

To those who’ve been so wonderful to me and have been reading my random ramblings here, I’m so sorry I’ve neglected this site.. and I’ll try to do a much better job.  I can’t tell you how honored I am that you check in and check out my blog!

Since my last post, I returned to work, my baby has grown so much!, and we’ve slowly started to figure out a new, wonderful routine.   It’s been great to be back at work.  I truly love what I do–I love telling stories, WRITING stories, meeting people and getting to share information with people every night.  I’m a mother, and a wife, but I’m also a journalist–and it’s so fulfilling to be able to say my “job” is doing something I enjoy so much.  Things have changed though.. my Easton is ALWAYS on my mind–I miss him terribly during the day, and he’s made me view everything differently.  I look at things as a ‘parent’–and whether it’s a story about a toy recall or a child’s injury or death, I have a completely new perspective.  For example, we had a story from Joplin, Missouri after the tornado, and the reporter described how the twister literally pulled a toddler out of her parents arms and the family still didn’t know what had happened to her.  I laid in bed that night just thinking of those people… and my heart broke for them.  I don’t think I’d be able to go on without my family.

There’ve been great moments, too–telling stories.

CLICK HERE for an exclusive look behind the scenes at TD Ameritrade Park, the new home of the College Word Series

CLICK HERE to learn about the Omaha volunteers who headed to Joplin after this spring’s massive tornado

CLICK HERE to meet Evan Sharp, an INCREDIBLE young man bravely fighting cancer, inspiring everyone around him

At home, things are WONDERFUL.  I’d often heard it before our son was born, but it’s incredible how much LOVE you can feel for someone.  Easton is growing everyday–I swear, I come home sometimes and know he got bigger since I left that afternoon!  This week, he rolled over for the first time and it was just EXHILERATING!! Every milestone, every smile, makes every moment perfect 🙂

A few notes from the ‘unsolicited advice’ files.. if you are an expectant parent, two books I can’t recommend enough:  Baby 411 and Sleeping Through The Night.  Baby 411 could also be titled Cliffs Notes For Raising a Child… it covers every category you can think of in a comprehensive, yet easy to understand way.  Sleeping Through The Night… enough said 🙂  But if you’re WEAK like me and can’t handle hearing your baby cry, it provides a good middle-of-the-road strategy to help your child sleep without sitting outside his/her room crying yourself 🙂

Thanks for your patience during my blogging sabbatical.. I hope your summer is starting off great 🙂  And ENJOY THE COLLEGE WORLD SERIES!!  Best of luck to the eight teams coming to Omaha hoping to leave champions 🙂

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