Someone Deserves a Raise..

And that someone is the ad campaign manager for Wal-Mart.  Their new commercials are HILARIOUS–I just saw the latest last night.  Here are my favorites:

“I’ve never seen that guy in my life”

“Grandpa’s gonna be so happy when he wakes up”

“This is a camping trip, not a sleeping trip!”

It’s so good to laugh–and for me, these commercials do it every time 🙂

On a side note.. and completely my opinion, and my opinion alone.. I saw during Andy’s sportscast last night that Texas was booed during Opening Ceremonies at the CWS.  Really? Really?!  Regardless of how you feel about the Big XII situation, the Texas Network, etc.. these young men and their coaches have worked extremely hard to get where they are, and they are a part of one of the biggest sports events in the country.  They deserve respect for that accomplishment.

C’mon, Omaha, we’re better than that.

2 thoughts on “Someone Deserves a Raise..

  1. I completely agree with treating the other players with respect. They may not be your favorite team, but they still worked hard to get where they are today. We also have to remember, though, not everyone who boo’ed was from Omaha.

    Just remember, if that was your child out on the field, would you want someon booing them? These are someone’s child. Remember that!


  2. I totally agree with you on the commercials! They are hilarious! And the Barbie one…love it too!

    And I agree to that boo-ing is so not necessary!

    Great Post!


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