Sunrise, Sunset

As a kid, I remember hearing people say ‘time just goes too fast’, ‘where has the time gone?’, ‘I blink and a month has passed!’  And as a kid, I didn’t understand..  I was watching the clock, waiting for the weekend when I could sit at home in my big glasses and play Nintendo.

Maybe it’s an adult theme because we cram so much into our schedules, by choice or otherwise.  We’re parents, we work, we play, we have family events, we have appointments, we have errands to run, and to-do’s that never seem to get done.

This week, I realized I’VE blinked and my baby is now almost 6 months old.  And that I’m 30.  And that neither my friends, nor myself, are the free-spirited young ‘uns that somehow I still picture us as.

First, I picked up a card for my good friends who are celebrating their wedding anniversary this week (sorry to ruin the surprise at the mailbox, Jen—card’s in the mail!)  I was writing a message inside and realized this is their 5th anniversary.

WAIT, WHAT?!?  That was five years ago??  Was it THAT long ago we didn’t have kids and mortgages?  That long ago we were just barely beginning our careers, some of us still in school?!?.  I think my biggest concern that day was how hot it was going to be (and it WAS hot), or how badly my shoes would hurt my feet.

Before this post sounds any more like a John Mellencamp song, I’ll get to the point; five years sounds like such a long time.. but it seems like FIVE MINUTES ago that we were all together, high school friends, celebrating a beautiful day for Jenni and Joe.

Where’s Waldo for viewers.. can you spot the two KETV reporters (one is now ‘retired’) in this picture?

So there was that.  Then, an ADORABLE update from former KETV sports-comedian and current sports talk radio host, Matt Schick and his wife Kelly on their son, Coen.  Coen is just a few months older than Easton, so I’m always eager to see what he’s doing.. it’s kind of a trailer for what I can expect in my own house three months down the road.  Coen is now CRAWLING.. and EATING CHEERIOS.. and SAYING MOMMA.

That’s huge folks, huge.   Easton already has me wrapped around his finger.. when he says the ‘M’ word, I’m a goner.

It seems like YESTERDAY (see?!? Another grown-up thought!) our little guy was just a peanut… swaddled up and in his swing, so itty-bitty in his car seat I’d put rolled up receiving blankets around him so he would feel more secure.  He is almost SIX MONTHS OLD.. eating from a spoon, reaching for toys and our faces, smiling at pretty girls, and realizing he can make noise.. LOUD noise! (I wonder where he gets THAT from.. )

Seeing Coen reminded me of how much more is in store for us.. how much more joy we have to look forward to.  And how SOON our baby will be our boy.  Our walking, talking, able-to-do-things-on-his-own-like-a-little-person-son.

I’m so excited for all of that.. but also just STUNNED.  Who’s got the remote and is holding down the fast-forward button?  I need to pause for just a second.. just to sit back and take in every moment.  Or to at least take a nap and not miss anything.  🙂

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. Brandi…Great thoughts! I’m a 50 yr old dad…my two son in the Marines…one will be done in 3 weeks and will be back here to start his future possibly as a fireman…my oldest son will be out of the Marines in Jan. But like you said…it seems like just yesterday I was taking them to elementry school! Life here on earth is funny, we as kids think we have all the time in the world!! But, time moves soooo quickly….I just turned 50 in May!! Yes, do your self a favor, stop and smell the roses!!


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