So You Think You Can (Watch) Dance

Hello–long time no see!  I know, I know.. I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties, AGAIN.  And this post has nothing to do with motherhood, KETV, or journalism.. it’s about my not-so-secret addiction.

I adore the TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know it’s on another network. Yeah, yeah, yeah, anyone who knows me will tell you I have issues WALKING most of the time, let alone attempting to dance.  But I HEART this show.  Every Friday night, after I put my baby to bed, I settle down in the living room with the dog and we watch SYTYCD (and the best part about THIS plan.. I can watch both that weeks performances AND the elimination in one sitting!  I love DVR!!!)

Last week, this season wrapped up with an INCREDIBLE finale show.. and as they do every year, the judges picked their favorite routines of the season.  Shockingly, SYTYCD never contacted me about my picks.. so HERE are my Top 10!  If you’re as addicted to this show as I am–give me your list, too!! If you’re not a fan of the show.. you might be after you check out these clips–these dancers are phenomenal!!!


TIE between Caitlynn & Mitchell’s contemporary to Celine Dion, and Sonya Tayeh’s Geisha dance for the Top 10 Girls

Caitlynn & Mitchell, I LOVE this song and the gave me chills… the Geisha dance, just weird and awesome and cool


The Statue Routine with Melanie & Marko

Forgot how much I liked this.. especially when the music kicks up towards the end


Caitylnn & all star Ivan hip hop

I heart Ivan 🙂  SYTYCD’s Justin Timberlake


Melanie & Marko hip hop, the Kiss routine

aw 🙂 I just love them


Week One, featuring Season 8’s Hip Hop dancers

LOVE this dance.. I remember seeing this week 1 thinking ‘I’m so glad my show is back!!’


Melanie & all star Neal, Total Eclipse of the Heart

When Melanie throws herself about 10 feet towards Neal, I literally gasped in my living room. AMAZING.


Melanie’s standing ovation solo

Another ‘moment’ for me.. when she finished, I said OUT LOUD to myself, ‘Holy. Cow.’


Tadd & all star Lauren, Another One Bites The Dust

Tee hee–LOVE this dance.  Tadd is AWESOME!


Ricky & all star Anya, River Deep Mountain High jive

Why didn’t this routine get more love?!? I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!! It just makes me smile–LOVE Anya so much!


Sasha & all star Twitch, the Soggy Cornflakes routine

JUST FREAKING AWESOME.  I actually saved this episode on my DVR so I could watch this routine more than once.  Other than the Allison & Ivan contemporary of seasons past, this is my all-time FAVORITE!!!

Yeah, I need help.  Anyone know of a SYTYCD support group?  🙂

5 thoughts on “So You Think You Can (Watch) Dance

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. I go into mourning when it comes to an end. Melanie was my favorite right from the auditions and I’m SO glad she won! (

    It was an outstanding season, fo sho! I think I’d add the wall routine with Sasha & Kent to the list of faves…man, I love me some Kent. My favorite group routine was the circus one choreographed by Tyce. Favorite routine of the season? Total Eclipse of the Heart with Melanie & All-Star Neil. Wow.

    Can’t wait until next season!!


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