A Mother’s Heart

Once in a while, God shoots a story my way reminding me of how incredibly lucky we are to be preparing for a summer with our sweet little man and our new precious gift.


Stories like this one, from the DeHoek family at the Nebraska Medical Center. Lindsey and Brian DeHoek were just like us and so many other parents; expecting a new baby and preparing another child to soon be a big brother. Baby Ethan surprised everyone, arriving three months early at the family’s hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Doctors gave the DeHoeks news I can’t even imagine without tearing up, that their new son was born with dead intestines and probably wouldn’t survive.

HE DID. Ethan is 6 months old and going strong in Omaha, awaiting an intestinal transplant. In the meantime, his mom and dad are commuting back and forth between Nebraska and Michigan, balancing time between sweet little Ethan and older brother, 5-year-old Parker. Can you imagine?!? Being separated from your family by thousands of miles, while facing such an emotional roller coaster. I think of the DeHoeks often and can’t wait to update their story when Ethan is healthy and reunited with his ENTIRE family in Michigan.


Thanks to Alegent Creighton Health & Jodi Hoatson for the photo!

You’ll see THIS story tonight. This beautiful woman is Jenny Petz. At 32 years old, she suffered a heart attack just 8 days after giving birth to her second child, Kai. Instead of watching her little girl, then just a toddler, interacting with a new baby brother, and soaking in each and every moment with her son, Jenny was in cardiovascular rehab, recovering from a moment that almost killed her. Tonight at 10, Jenny will share her message–what caused her heart attack and how you can prevent the same thing from happening to you or someone you love. She’s truly an inspiration–I can’t imagine juggling a toddler, a newborn, AND life after open heart surgery. But she DID IT. And she’ll amaze you, too!

One of the great things about my job: the people we meet, the stories we get to share, and the reminders of what amazing things people can overcome. Reminders to appreciate all of the good we all take for granted, and reminders to look forward to the incredible things to come 🙂

‘You’ll be his first kiss, his first love, his first friend. You are his momma, and he is your whole world. He is your little boy.

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