A Survivor’s Story

Last week, I was ready to dazzle all of my readers with an award winning blog called ‘Maternity Clothes Make Me Want To Punch Things.’

I’m really NOT an angry person, but it is so hard to find flattering, bright, inexpensive clothing that is appropriate for work when you are expecting!  Ladies, can I get a Heck Ya!!?

HOWEVER, just as I posted one week ago, I again had the honor of putting together a story this week that reminded me of how little I have to complain about.  Now or any other time.


photo courtesy of Marissa & Ashley Bunn

The beautiful blonde in this picture is Ashley Bunn.  One year ago this weekend, her ex-boyfriend shot her twice in the face right outside her house.

Ashley, just 24, has overcome more in the last year than anyone should have to endure in a lifetime.  Physically, 8 surgeries to reconstruct her jaw, face and neck.  Emotionally, finding a way to close her eyes every night without replaying those moments over and over and over in her mind.  Ashley remembers every, single second.

Driving to Fremont last week for our interview, I expected a very emotional talk.  This brave woman didn’t shed a tear.  She’s that strong.  Even stronger, she’s sharing her story now because she just wants to THANK everyone who helped her get through the last year, and she wants to help any other woman (or guy!) in an abusive relationship.  There were several moments during our interview I realized that I forgot to breathe, her message is that powerful.

Tonight at 10, Ashley walks you through every moment of that night, and the warning signs that popped up in the months and years beforehand.

Her journey will leave you INSPIRED, and more importantly, will hopefully compel you or someone you love to get help in an abusive relationship.   Ashley’s is a story that is hard to forget; I certainly won’t.  I hope you tune in TONIGHT AT 10!!

Thanks, Ashley, for the perspective.  And thank you for showing all of us such courage and optimism!

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