A Perfect Day

I’ve had an absolutely AMAZING week.  How often do we say that? How often SHOULD we say that?  AMAZING 🙂

This week, I turned 32.  (NOT 48, thank you very much, John Oakey 🙂  Wednesday was one of those magical days where the fabulous moments just kept on coming. Several times, I was near tears, just overwhelmed by the kindness and caring from EVERYONE from my coworkers, to my friends, to our viewers.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who remembered me and took a few seconds (or more!) to help make my day so special.


To my amazing friends at KETV, THANK YOU for the gifts, cards and for ordering me Star Wars cupcakes!!! (And FYI.. everyone eats like they’re pregnant on my birthday!! RULE! 🙂


To KETV Superstar Intern Tanner Kahler for not only coming in on his day off to answer snow closings calls, but for bringing me COOKIES, THANK YOU!

To my incredible friends all over the place who sent me texts, tweets and facebook messages.. THANK YOU!!!

To the viewers I haven’t ever met but STILL took the time to send me messages, THANK YOU!!!!!


I can’t believe how absolutely lucky and blessed I am–THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE for making the big ‘ol 32 so special for me 🙂

Of course.. as amazing as everything throughout the day was.. the best part of my birthday was waking up to this..


‘Toddler Tip: When a cat runs, it’s not because he doesn’t want to play. He just wants to show you something.’–@HonestToddler

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