Finding Light

Last night, I cried watching a rerun of Grey’s Anatomy.  Don’t judge.

It was the episode where social services takes away Zola while trying to determine if Meredith and Derek are fit parents.  Watching that sweet baby girl playing with her ‘Daddy’s’ badge, then watching her ‘Mommy’ take her, kiss her face, and hand her off to a stranger.. it was just too much.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. it’s just a TV show. (A FANTASTIC TV show!)  But in all seriousness, I cannot IMAGINE losing my sweet boy.  It’s so easy to take for granted every hug, every smell, every laugh, every smile.

The Thomas family will be the FIRST to tell you to never, EVER take any moment.. any single second.. for granted.


Thank you to Nick and Alesha Thomas for the photo

I first met Nick and Alesha Thomas when they were arguably going through one of the darkest times of their life; they had just lost their youngest child and only son, Lane, to SIDS.  They dropped their sweet 5-month-old baby off at daycare and never saw him alive again.

Just three months after Lane’s death, Nick and Alesha learned they were expecting again.  July 2012, they welcomed Asa Lane Thomas into the world and into their family.

To all parents reading this, do you remember how hard those first few months were as a new mom or dad.. not ever sure you were doing the right thing?  Imagine how Nick and Alesha lived day to day after bringing Asa home.. afraid to ever let him out of their sight, afraid to ever shut their eyes and sleep when he slept, afraid to ever trust anyone again.

Monday night at 10, the Thomas’s share their story of HOW they are doing it–how they are raising another baby after losing one to SIDS.  Their message is clear in both words and actions; that while they will NEVER forget the little boy they lost, Asa has brought back a little bit of joy into their lives. (And he’ll make you smile, too–he is SO DARN CUTE!!! 🙂  They give so much hope to anyone who has lost a child; that there is still light in the midst of so much dark.

I wish the Thomas’s all the happiness in the world; they are such kind people, and they absolutely deserve it after everything they’ve been through.  I hope you tune in for their story TOMORROW NIGHT (MONDAY) AT 10!


“When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they’re seeing angels.” — Eileen Elias Freeman

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