This One’s For The Girls

IT’S FASHION! IT’S FASHION! (Project Runway fans.. flashback to when Santino sang that in the work room in Season 2, annoying his fellow designers… it still makes me laugh :))

Another Omaha Fashion Week is in the books and I had the great honor of emceeing Saturday night’s finale!  This is one of my FAVORITE events of the year to host, because my best friends and I make a girl’s night of it and hit the town!

fashion week

Thanks to Craig Lenihan and for the photo!

A few years ago, all of us going out together was the norm.  We’d sing our hearts out at karaoke, meet at Maria’s in Ralston to catch up over tacos, and of course, watch American Idol together every week!   Careers, weddings, and several kiddos later, it’s harder and harder to find time (and babysitters!)  to get together.  When we do, it is SOO good for the soul!  I think we all have those people in our lives that just KNOW us inside and out; we relate, we laugh, we’re uplifted just by being around each other.  These are my people 🙂

To ANYONE out there balancing work, family and the stresses of daily life, call your friends and plan a night out.  Even if it’s once a month.  Or once every six months!  It is so worth it 🙂

As for Fashion Week–what an AMAZING show on Saturday night!  I know absolutely nothing about fashion (I have a hard time making myself presentable for our newscasts most days..) but I love the transformation for the runway.  The hair, the makeup, the vision that goes into each designer’s collection is so cool to see.  I have such a neat perspective sitting backstage; I see the models line up quietly, sometimes giggling or whispering reassurances to one another.  Others are completely stoic, their eyes focusing on the spotlight in front of them that marks their entrance to the crowd.  But ALL of them, the second they turn that corner, JUST WORK IT.  They strut, they smile, they pose–and I LOVE every moment of it!  It’s such an incredible thing to see!

This is my third time hosting Omaha Fashion Week, but my FIRST emceeing on a night that featured Swim Wear.

I was absolutely blown away.  Not just by the fashion, but by the models.  I have such admiration and respect for people who have the self discipline and drive to eat right, exercise, and take care of their bodies.

Truth check.. I was also incredibly jealous of the models that, no doubt, stopped for ice cream on the way home and are just incredibly gifted physically 🙂  ESPECIALLY jealous being 6 months pregnant.  As I noted in this post,, I am one of those lucky expecting mothers who gains weight EVERYWHERE, not just in my belly.  So when I saw THIS..


Photo by Greg Higgins w/ G Thompson Higgins for Omaha Fashion Week, Designer: Leggoons by Chad Carr, Model: Cara Marie Fleischman

I felt like THIS..


Homer Simpson. In a mumu.

Aaaaahhh.. whatever.  It’s fashion! IT’S FASHION!  And it was a WONDERFUL time!


Thanks to Light Illusions Photography for the photo!


‘You had the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. Now I will most likely be going home Teddy Graham-less.’ — @HonestToddler

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