What’s In A Name?

When someone sees I am pregnant, there are usually a few standard questions that follow.  When are you due, do you know what you’re having, and do you have any names picked out?

We know the answers to the first two questions (June and a little boy), but WE’VE GOT NOTHING for names.  Nadda. Nil. Zilch.

I’ve had some suggestions from my coworkers here at KETV.. even before we knew our baby’s gender.


Adrian: Bellatrix

Me: Adrian, this baby will neither be a Death Eater nor Voldemort’s sidekick..


Natalie: Harper.  That’s perfect.  I really think you should just go with that.

Andy: I’ve never seen a Harper that wasn’t cute.


Rob: You’ve already got an Easton.. how about Rawlings? Mizuno? Louisville?

Me: (no response. Shook head at Rob.)


Easton even offered a suggestion when I asked him what we should name his brother…



SOOO I’ve been hitting all the websites, looking for ideas.  Yesterday, one site suggested Templeton.

Me: (like the rat on Charlotte’s Web?!?!)


BUT TODAY, AN IDEA!!  The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium is holding a Facebook contest to name these new babies..

IMG_4118 (1)

thanks to the Henry Doorly Zoo for the photo!

Like the Henry Doorly Zoo on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/OmahaZoo?fref=ts, and next week (March 8-15) leave a comment with your name ideas for the two little boys and three little girls.  The lions’ keepers will choose the top 20 and then allow YOU to vote March 22-27.

Here’s my idea.. they only need 5 names, that leaves us 15 great suggestions to pick from!! We’ll just take one of those!

Me: (great.. so we’ll have an Easton and a Simba..)


SIGH.  Back to the drawing board…


‘”I need coffee.” No, what you need is zeal for life, not a drink that smells like a forest fire.’ — @HonestToddler

15 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. I don’t have any “oddball” names for you. I don’t know if you remember a story that Julie Cornell did (at least I think it was Julie) on Kevin Orr at the Omaha Home for Boys. He was my youngest brother-in-law and he passed away in late June of 2010. I am suggesting Kevin – it is a nice name and my brother-in-law was an outstanding young man who helped everyone he could.


    • Baseball brand names – Anderson or Pearson
      Famous baseball players – Hank Aaron (could use either name), Ty (Cobb), Joe Jackson (could use either name), Alex (Rodriguez), Nolan Ryan (could use either name).
      I have always liked Grayson or Sawyer


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