Hi, I’m Miranda Baby Weight

This is Miranda Kerr.

miranda and orlando

This is Miranda Kerr a few months after having her baby.

miranda after baby

This is how I feel about Miranda Kerr.

angry face

Ohhhhh, baby weight.  How I loathe thee.

There is an amazing new book out, written right here in Omaha, called ‘It’s Really 10 Months.’  It’s a compilation of emails sent between three friends while they were all expecting babies, and showcases the less than glamorous side of pregnancy that never seems to make the Carter’s commercials.  You can check out the book and the moms’ blog online.  I knew I would love this book when I read:

“Delivering the Truth…In What to Expect When You’re Expecting, it is recommended that the average woman gain between 25 and 35 pounds.  We found this statement slightly amusing as collectively we gained 150 pounds.”

I’m not going to reveal how much weight I gained with either of my boys, but let’s say I let out a ‘Hallelujah!’ in my kitchen when I read that.

So now that my sweet little baby is a few months old, it’s time to get to work.  Hello, MyFitnessPal and MapMyWalk apps!  Time to put Blurred Lines on repeat and hit the walking trails (yes, I still love that song.)  Adrian and Rob, when you see me inhaling Reeses Pieces at my desk, just rip that beautiful orange bag out of my hand!! I have this vision in my head of how I look that isn’t THAT far off how I USED to look.. then I catch a glimpse of myself during our newscasts or in photos and get the ‘Miranda Kerr Angry Face’ again.

I’m not writing all of this to solicit complimentary messages and comments–THANK YOU for what you have all sent, you are amazing and always, ALWAYS, brighten my day 🙂  But I guess, it’s just to commiserate with anyone else out there who doesn’t feel like the best version of themselves.  So let’s make a pact. Ladies (and gents!) are you with me?!? To anyone who want a change.. to the brides hoping to look their best.. to the new mommies out there, just like me, LET’S DO THIS!

Here’s a great article tweeted by the Nebraska Medical Center today titled ’12 Reasons you’re Not Losing Weight’–definitely food for thought!



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