There She Is..

Saturday night, I was anxiously checking my Twitter feed every few minutes for updates.  Not for a game, not for breaking news.. just for two names.

I wanted to see who won the titles of Miss Metro and Miss Eastern Nebraska; to see which two young ladies would round out the field of 19 to compete at the Miss Nebraska pageant in June.

Did I lose you? Are you shaking your head saying, ‘c’mon Brandi.. really? Pageants?!?’

Yes, Miss Nebraska.  I LOVE IT.  And here are three gorgeous reasons you should, too.


Brittany Jeffers, Miss Nebraska 2009, now Anchor/Reporter at Fox23 in Tulsa, OK


Brook Matthews-Hudson, Miss Nebraska 2004, now Producer of Omaha Fashion Week


Our own Alex Hoffman, Miss South Dakota 2008, now KETV First News Anchor

These are only three examples of the fantastic young women who have participated in the Miss America program.  Women who are beautiful inside and out.  Women who have amazing talents.  Women who give of themselves to help others around them.  Women who are articulate, intelligent and confident.

Why is it so bad to recognize these things?!? Aren’t these the attributes we all wish we could have? Aren’t these the qualities we hope our children pick up on and someday emulate themselves?

We applaud athletes, recognize actors, respect leaders.  The women who participate in this system represent so many of those things.  Think The Apprentice meets The Voice meets The Biggest Loser, all on the red carpet.  What’s more, the program gives BACK to them, recognizing those accomplishments with scholarships for colleges and careers.

Of course, there are the ‘girly-girl’ parts of the pageant that I love.. who doesn’t love getting dressed up and feeling BEAUTIFUL??  Yes, there’s also the always controversial swimsuit competition–but as a former contestant myself, I have never been in better shape in my life than when I had motivation through Miss Nebraska to eat healthy and get myself to the gym.

I invite you to check out my blog over the next few months as I introduce you to this year’s Miss Nebraska contestants.  You’ll meet Miss Omaha Payton Merritt, the recent high school graduate who sings with the soul of 10 lifetimes. (She gives me chills!!!)  You’ll meet Miss Crane Festival Lianna Prill, one of the distinguished recipients of a DJ’s Hero Award last year for her work with Celiac Disease.  You’ll meet Miss High Plains Megan Dimmitt, who has raised more than any other young woman in Miss Nebraska history, $8,400, all for the Children’s Miracle Network.

These young women are incredible.  They are the ‘cream of the crop’ in their college classes, often excel in their talent of choice, and have donated hundreds of hours to dozens of charities.  They inspire me to smile a little more and try a little harder.  They truly have glitter in their blood 🙂

There is so much bad in the world.   certainly see that day in and day out working in news.  These women represent so much good, so much beauty.  If that beauty is showcased in a pageant, so be it.

I hope you follow their journeys with me!

GOOD LUCK, LADIES! And remember..

all you need

Thanks to Miss Nebraska Director Amy Engel for sharing


CLICK HERE to learn more about the Miss Nebraska contestants, starting with Miss High Plains, Megan Dimmitt!

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