Just A Small Town Girl

Ah, how I love Journey.  C’mon, you know the words…

‘Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.  She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere.’

<<Great, now it will be stuck in my head all day>>

The next contestant in the 2014 Miss Nebraska class might not even know who Journey is, as this song was released the year I was born.. a good 14 years before she was.



Miss Gering, Alexis Smith

“While I know and recognize that I’m young, I do believe I can share positive vibes with anyone,” Alexis told me recently.  “I truly do believe that there is no action taken without a reason.  Some people just need an ear to listen to their reason.  As Miss Nebraska, I can share my stories and listen to others.”

Here’s part of Alexis’s story.


Alexis, a high school senior from Morrill, Nebraska, plans to move to Utah in the fall to study pre-med at Utah State University.

“I love to be involved in everything I can,” said Alexis.  “I never like to sign myself in for something if I cannot do it well or finish it.”

Alexis’s latest endeavor was to compete for the title of Miss Gering.  She won.


“I got involved in Miss Nebraska to better myself in more ways than one,” said Alexis.  “I have always been able to get on stage and dance from my 17 years of competitive dancing, but I’ve never been one for speaking on stage.  Being Miss Gering 2014 has helped amazingly.”

Alexis now says Interview, which accounts for 25% of a contestants score, is her favorite part of competition.  It’s also an opportunity for her to discuss something she is passionate about, agriculture education.


“I chose my platform because I find that the farmers in America do not get the respect or appreciation they should receive for all the work they do,” said Alexis.

Speaking of work, Alexis is busy.  In addition to studies at Mitchell High, she’s enjoying her new responsibilities as Miss Gering.


“My favorite part of being a titleholder is the ability to be a role model for youth,” said Alexis.  “My least favorite part is dieting.  I love food! So sometimes it can be a bit difficult for me to fully commit to!”


Still, Alexis believes the dreaded ‘swimsuit competition’ (officially called Lifestyle and Fitness) should remain part of the Miss Nebraska and Miss America programs.

“While it is always a plus to be physically fit, swimwear is more a component of showing someone’s confidence in herself!” said Alexis.  “More girls need to love themselves; we are all so beautiful!  Yes, swimwear should be involved to show more girls to work for what they want to look like and love how they look already.”


It’s going to be a busy next few months for this small town girl. Finals, high school graduation and preparations to compete for her state’s crown as Miss Nebraska.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet all 925 people in the village of Morrill in Nebraska’s panhandle will be cheering on this beauty come June!  And maybe, just maybe, singing Don’t Stop Believin’ on the road trip to North Platte.

Connect with Miss Gering, Alexis Smith

by email: alexismikellesmith1995@gmail.com

Click here for more information about the Miss Gering/Miss Western Nebraska pageant.


The Miss Nebraska pageant takes place June 5-7 in North Platte, Nebraska.  For more information, visit the Miss Nebraska website.


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