Calling Jackie Wilson

“You learn to ignore it as much as you possibly can, but everyone’s human.  Its going to affect you a little bit.” 

–Nebraska Football Coach, Bo Pelini

Part of me thinks it’s kind of ridiculous to think I have ANYTHING in common with a guy like Bo Pelini.  But when he said this in our interview recently, and especially when I later listened to our interview and really thought about these words, I thought, ‘PREACH, COACH!’

Much like Pelini, many of us in TV News understood and tried to accept that by putting ourselves out there every night.. or morning.. or weekend morning.. we would encounter criticism, and a lot of it.  After 13 years in this business, I feel like my skin is FINALLY thick enough I don’t take home, or take to heart, the insults about my lipstick, hair, etc… and I’m so grateful that we have a great deal more WONDERFUL viewers who boost our egos with amazing compliments.  However, there are days, like today, when it’s too much.

An anonymous, insulting email about a coworker.  Hurtful comments about the people I interview, willing to put themselves out there to share their stories.

I drove home for dinner tonight FURIOUS.  I think my blood was truly boiling.  I cranked up my stereo, rolled down my windows, and tried to breathe.

I also reached a conclusion, a solution.  One that won’t stop the negatives.. because in this world of Facebook, Twitter, emails, chatboards… it will NEVER stop.  But maybe, MAYBE this will help.  Even a little bit.

I’ll fight the negative, with positive.


photo (30)

If we could clone people, I would clone Melissa Fry.  She is AMAZING.  MAGNIFICENT.  I don’t have enough adjectives.  She is smart, SUCH a hard worker, and just an incredible person.  Melissa is a fantastic anchor, a truly caring and gifted storyteller, and she lights up our entire newsroom when she is here.  She just GLOWS.  In a business where it’s so easy to be competitive, to make enemies and develop rivalries, I think it’s truly special and representative of her character to say she is arguably my best friend here.  We are SO very lucky to have Melissa Fry on our team.



I. Heart. Kristyna Engdahl.  She makes me laugh every single day.  She is a GREAT reporter and writer.  She works fast but her work isn’t sacrificed in the process. She’s succinct and articulate when she’s live, her stories are compelling and well done.  And in person, did I mention she makes me laugh every single day?  One of the funniest people I have ever met.  The energy she brings to our newsroom is contagious.  And, (THIS IS SO SILLY TO WRITE, BUT I WILL…) she has the most beautiful hair.  I’m trying to find out her secrets 🙂



My apologies, Adrian.. it had to be shared.  Papio-La Vista High, 1998.  BOOM.  We’ve been friends THAT LONG.  And I am so very proud of this guy.  Adrian is just a freaking awesome journalist.  He has no fear.  He wants the truth, and that’s what he presents.  No gimmicks, no tricks–just incredible journalism, the way it was supposed to be.  He’s a gifted public speaker, so naturally a fantastic anchor and live reporter as well.  Again, such an INCREDIBLE asset to the KETV team, and it’s pretty awesome getting to work with your friend every day! #MonarchsForLife



Remember that whole ‘I don’t have enough adjectives’ line?  DITTO HERE.  Rob is a man of honor.  A man of integrity.  A good listener, a great friend, an OUTSTANDING journalist–Omaha’s best, hands down.  Rob never settles–he is constantly asking more questions, pushing to make his work and all of ours better.  But he does it in a way that lifts us all up and makes US better in the process.  I tried to sum this all up here when Rob was named as a Face on the Barroom Floor at the Omaha Press Club.  He’s just THE MAN.


The ‘other guy’ in the picture with Rob is one of our most important people here at KETV.. 6pm producer Jay Roberts.  Jay should give classes in how to just be an awesome, nice guy.  The world needs more of Jay.  He is always smiling, always stopping by my desk to just say hi and ask how I’m doing–and that means everything on rough days.  KINDNESS.. whatever happened to that?!?!  His little boy, Everett, is also one of the cutest babies EVER, and anytime I can see videos of his sweet face: INSTANT HAPPINESS 🙂


Ok.  I’m done for now, but this is only PART ONE of this installment.  Forget the haters.. forget the negativity.  In order for the Ghostbusters to finally defeat Vigo and save Baby Oscar.. they didn’t fight hate with hate.  They played Jackie Wilson, made the Statue of Liberty strut her stuff to Higher and Higher, and inspired New York City to hug and sing until that dude imploded.

Yeah, I went there.  We could all use a little more Jackie Wilson 🙂

One thought on “Calling Jackie Wilson

  1. Well Said Brandi! I love your positive outlook. In a day and age when people are so hyped up on all the drama on reality shows that I think people just look for things to be unhappy about or things to cause drama. It is so obvious that you love what you do and who you work with. That is something to look forward to everyday! Thanks for the article!

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