The Kid Whisperer

The Kid Whisperer… wow, that sounds like an AWESOME reality show.

‘You’ve seen the Dog Whisperer.. You loved SuperNanny… now meet, THE KID WHISPERER!  SHHHHHH!!!!’

I’d DVR that.

Here’s the show’s premise: a beautiful young lady who makes miracles happen through her love of working with and being around children.  Her name?


Miss Eastern Nebraska, Alyssa Howell

(Thanks to Deyo’s Photography for use of Alyssa’s photo!)

Children are Alyssa’s focus during her year as Miss Eastern Nebraska and they are her future; the Creighton University student plans to become a Child Life Specialist for the Children’s Miracle Network, working in facilities helping patients and families navigate the challenges of childhood illnesses and hospitalization.

“When I made my first onsite visit to a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital at age 15, I knew that was where I could make the largest and most meaningful impact,” said Alyssa in a recent interview.  “Ever since, I have been working towards raising awareness, fundraising, but most importantly, interacting with patients to make their days a little brighter.”


“My family and friends call me the Kid Whisperer!” said Alyssa.


Children’s Miracle Network is Miss America’s community partner, so it made perfect sense to Alyssa to tie in her passion with competing for Miss Nebraska.

“The Miss America Organization is one of the most outstanding programs for young women in the world,” said Alyssa.  “It is the place where I feel I can do the most for my community through the emphasis of service, learn and grow as a person, and most of all, have fun while meeting new people and enhancing my interview and performance skills!  Young women are valued and rewarded in this organization for excelling as leaders in education, service, the arts and living healthy lives – that’s important to me.”


Alyssa also respects the tradition involved with the Miss America Organization, even the more controversial aspects, like Lifestyle and Fitness.  Alyssa notes the entire system started as a swimsuit competition in Atlantic City in 1921.

“The swimsuit competition is such a rich part of Miss America’s history and should be embraced,” said Alyssa.  “Aside from that, swimsuit is a great way to encourage proper nutrition, fitness and self-confidence.  Truly, the judges are looking for a healthy girl, one that has good muscle tone and body shape, not just a skinny girl.”

Alyssa goes as far to say most contestants have fun strutting their stuff!  Still, she says, Interview is her favorite aspect of the competition.

“It allows you to interact with the judges in a one-on-one environment,” said Alyssa.  “I love being able to tell my story, express why I am there and most of all, meet some pretty amazing people!”


No doubt some of her tiniest friends may come up in Alyssa’s interview.  She’ll be advocating for them right up until her trip to North Platte, even hosting an online fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network on Friday, May 9th.  From 5-8 pm, Alyssa hopes to raise $1000.  Find out more by heading to her event website.

Alyssa’s reality TV debut may have to wait.  After all, she’s already earned the title of Kid Whisperer.

Now she’s aiming for Miss Nebraska.


Connect with Miss Eastern Nebraska, Alyssa Howell

on her Facebook page devoted to her personal platform, ‘Making Miracles Happen’


The Miss Nebraska pageant takes place June 5-7 in North Platte, Nebraska.  For more information, visit the Miss Nebraska website.


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