There She Is

Check out my ongoing series profiling some of the smartest, hardest working, most talented women in the state of Nebraska: the teenagers and young women competing for the titles of Miss Nebraska and Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teenager. This series of blog posts, beginning in the Spring of 2014, has drawn tens of thousands of readers from 102 countries. These women exemplify what the Miss America Organization stands for in our communities: scholarship, success, style and service.


Photo courtesy Jenn Cady Photography


The Sisterhood Is Real (Series Introduction)

Miss Nebraska 2018 Allison Tietjen

Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Carsyn Long

Miss Fur Trade Days 2018 Tristen Wecker

Miss Kool-Aid Days 2018 Nikki-Catrina Anderson

Miss Lincoln 2018 Jessica Shultis

Miss Douglas County 2018 Krista Hinrichs

Miss Harvest Moon Festival 2018 Alexandria Warneke

Miss Nebraska State Fair 2018 Courtney Pelland

Miss Heartland 2018 Brooke Lodl

Miss Panhandle 2018 Emily Curtis

Miss Twin Rivers 2018 Hayden Richardson

Miss Star City 2018 Allison Baird

Miss Sandhills 2018 Regan Kolbo

Miss Omaha 2018 Allie Swanson

Miss Old West Balloon Fest 2018 Makinzie Gregory

Miss Alliance 2018 Kodi Lee Baumann

Miss Scotts Bluff County 2018 Brianna Little

Miss Chadron 2018 Kaelia Nelson

Miss Chadron’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Kiera Rhodes

Miss Scotts Bluff County’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Morgan Baird

Miss Fur Trade Days Outstanding Teen 2018 Gabriella Wagner

Miss Alliance’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Chloe Blumanthal

Miss Douglas County’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Whitney Miller

Miss Old West Balloon Fest’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Hope McCoy

Miss Kool-Aid Days Outstanding Teen 2018 Emily Lenser

Miss Western Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Shelby Blundell

Miss Harvest Moon Festival’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Jade Vak

Miss Twin Rivers’ Outstanding Teen 2018 Rachel Young

Miss Sandhills’ Outstanding Teen 2018 Olivia Terwey

Miss Omaha’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Phoenix Stanford

Miss Gering’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Jadyn Wetherington

Miss Metro’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Kelsie Therkildsen

Miss Elkhorn’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Rachel Greufe

Miss Millard’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Marissa Messick

Miss Eastern Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Sofia Drelicharz

Miss Heartland’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Aubrie Charter

Miss North Platte’s Outstanding Teen 2018 Aspen Golter



Brilliance (Series Introduction)

Special Feature: Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev

Miss Nebraska 2016 Aleah Peters

 Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Hannah Miller

The Perfect 10: Recap of the 2017 Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen Pageant

2017 MISS CONTESTANTS: Miss Omaha 2017 Wellesley Michael, Miss Old West Balloon Fest 2017 Tristen Wecker, Miss Kool-Aid Days 2017 Krista HinrichsMiss Nebraska State Fair 2017 Jenni Wahonick, Miss Kearney 2017 Jessica Shultis, Miss Alliance 2017 Kaelia Nelson, Miss Twin Rivers 2017 Emma Wilkinson, Miss Fur Trade Days 2017 Courtney Pelland, Miss Western Nebraska 2017 Devin Owens, Miss Chadron 2017 Shaniah Freeseman, Miss Queen City of the Plains 2017 Jaicelyn Shakespaere, Miss Douglas County 2017 Kogan Murphy, Miss Gering 2017 Alayna Wilson, Miss Heartland 2017 Allison Tietjen, Miss Scotts Bluff County 2017 Nikki-Catrina Anderson, Miss Harvest Moon Festival 2017 Lianna Prill

2017 TEEN CONTESTANTS: Miss Alliance’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Syndy Ridgeway, Miss Omaha’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Katie Harris, Miss Sarpy County’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Phoenix Stanford, Miss Elkhorn’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Emily Lenser, Miss Harvest Moon Festival’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Kiera Rhodes, Miss Eastern Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Naomi Turner, Miss Metro’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Jamie Chen, Miss Douglas County’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Alex Nervig, Miss Scotts Bluff County’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Haylee Umble, Miss Kearney’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Carsyn Long, Miss Gering’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Hope McCoy, Miss Northwest’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Makenzie Davies, Miss Twin Rivers’ Outstanding Teen 2017 Katy Greene, Miss Old West Balloon Fest’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Sheridan Blanco, Miss Fur Trade Days’ Outstanding Teen 2017 Cherokee Purviance, Miss Chadron’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Brianna Little, Miss York County’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Alexandria Warneke, Miss Western Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2017 Whitney Miller



A Moment Like This (Series Introduction)

SPECIAL FEATURES: Miss America 2016 Betty CantrellMiss Nebraska USA 2016 Sarah Hollins

Miss Nebraska 2015 Alyssa Howell

Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Steffany Lien

The Year of the Phoenix: Recap of the 2016 Miss Nebraska Pageant

2016 MISS CONTESTANTS: Miss Omaha 2016 Aleah PetersMiss Kool-Aid Days 2016 Chelsea ArnoldMiss Douglas County 2016 Savannah RaveMiss Alliance 2016 Kate Lynne DuncanMiss Harvest Moon Festival 2016 Kara KrihaMiss Chadron 2016 Tyler RambaliMiss Heartland 2016 Tosha SkinnerMiss Old West Balloon Fest 2016 Claire HolsingerMiss Queen City of the Plains 2016 Lianna PrillMiss Nebraska State Fair 2016 Payton MerrittMiss Gering 2016 LaRissa McKeanMiss Twin Rivers 2016 Jenni WahonickMiss Scotts Bluff County 2016 Allison BairdMiss Kearney 2016 Stacy PospisilMiss Fur Trade Days 2016 Alex O’ConnorMiss Western Nebraska 2016 Marie Allison

2016 TEEN CONTESTANTS: Miss Tri-Cities Outstanding Teen 2016 Ashly HelfrichMiss Western Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Grace HeggemMiss Omaha’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Hannah MillerMiss Sugar Valley’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Courtney PellandMiss Fur Trade Days’ Outstanding Teen 2016 Brooklyn StackMiss Douglas County’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Adella SmolskyMiss Kearney’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Shelbe StrohMiss Gering’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Ashlynn HaunMiss Panhandle’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Shaniah FreesemanMiss Chadron’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Emma WilkinsonMiss Dawes County’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Aubree NobleMiss Alliance’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Cherokee PurvianceMiss Scotts Bluff County’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Carsyn LongMiss Platte River’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Emma YoungMiss Old West Balloon Fest’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Brianna LittleMiss Harvest Moon Festival’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Sheridan Blanco



Countdown To The Crown (Series introduction)

Miss Nebraska 2014 Megan Swanson

Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2014 Morgan Holen

Behind The Crown (Miss Nebraska 2014 Megan Swanson & Miss Iowa 2014 Aly Olson)

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Future of Miss NebraskaMiss Iowa 2014 Aly Olson

ROAR (Recap of the 2015 Miss Nebraska & Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen Pageant)

2015 MISS CONTESTANTS: Miss Kool-Aid Days 2015 Brooke LudemannMiss Panhandle 2015 Jessica LittlejohnMiss Omaha 2015 Megan GouldMiss Kearney Crane Festival 2015 Allison TietjenMiss Sandhills 2015 Kate Lynne DuncanMiss Northwest 2015 LaRissa McKeanMiss Gering 2015 Kaylee CarlbergMiss Western Nebraska 2015 Chrissy TownsendMiss Scotts Bluff County 2015 Brittany EckerbergMiss Heartland 2015 Steffani JirouxMiss Douglas County 2015 Alyssa HowellMiss Nebraska State Fair 2015 Marie AllisonMiss Chadron 2015 Tosha Skinner

2015 TEEN CONTESTANTS: Miss Douglas County’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Steffany LienMiss Panhandle’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Marie KliewerMiss Western Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Allison BairdMiss Scotts Bluff County’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Grace HeggemMiss Platte Valley’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Emma Kate BrownMiss Alliance’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Shaniah FreesemanMiss Gering’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Emma KeiferMiss Omaha’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Chelsea ArnoldMiss Chadron’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Shelby BlundellMiss Northwest’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Cherokee PurvianceMiss Kearney Crane Festival’s Outstanding Teen 2015 Merrilee Prill


There She Is.. (Series introduction)

Miss Nebraska 2013 JaCee Pilkington

SPECIAL FEATURE, Miss Nebraska USA 2014 Amanda Soltero

Nebraska’s Outstanding Teens (2014)

Blown Away (Recap of the 2014 Miss Nebraska Pageant)

2014 MISS CONTESTANTS: Miss High Plains 2014 Megan DimmittMiss Gering 2014 Alexis SmithMiss Heartland 2014 Allison TietjenMiss Omaha 2014 Payton MerrittMiss Kool-Aid Days 2014 Jessica LittlejohnMiss Sugar Valley 2014 Tosha SkinnerMiss Douglas County 2014 Megan SwansonMiss River City 2014 Rachel FoehlingerMiss State Fair 2014 Aleah PetersMiss Panhandle 2014 Mindy SchreiberMiss Chadron 2014 Kodi BaumannMiss Western Nebraska 2014 Morgan YostMiss Metro 2014 Kimberly BrennanMiss Eastern Nebraska 2014 Alyssa HowellMiss Alliance 2014 Staci CraigheadMiss Northwest 2014 Alex O’ConnorMiss Crane Festival 2014 Lianna PrillMiss Lake McConaughy 2014 Chrissy TownsendMiss Scotts Bluff County 2014 Brittli Sell


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