Boy Meets World

I woke up this morning on a mission–that the little man and I were going to LEAVE THE HOUSE today.  There’s a whole world outside of our living room I want him to see!  Fiji.. San Diego.. Niagara Falls.. and Target!

As I’m quickly learning, when everything is scheduled around a new eating and sleeping regimen, it’s tough to figure out when you can squeeze in that load of laundry or quick meal.. let alone a trip to the store.  But today, the weather was BEAUTIFUL!! (Thank you, Bill!), and we were in desperate need of some baby essentials.  So this afternoon, all dressed up in his baseball best, Easton and I set out for Target! 

Easton in his baseball gear, ready to cheer on Nebraska Baseball in their first 2011 game!

For the little man, shopping seems to be a very calming experience–he slept through the entire trip!  For Momma, it was WONDERFUL to get out for awhile!  Before-baby, I’d cruise through the store, grabbing what I needed, trying to get in and out as quickly as possible.  Post-baby, I strolled up and down aisles, browsed the furniture and baby clothes and simply enjoyed our hour-long adventure.

Today, Target.  Tomorrow, maybe Fiji.  🙂

To close out, I’ve heard repeatedly “they grow up so fast!”  HOLY COW is that true.. every day I see our little boy changing and growing right before my eyes.  Yesterday was my official due date, and instead, on Sunday we’ll celebrate three weeks with our amazing gift.  I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying by.  We are treasuring every single moment, and can’t wait for what is to come.

Thank you for checking in!


5 thoughts on “Boy Meets World

  1. I hate to tell you it is true Brandi. But, yes they do grow up very fast. Mind daugther turned 6 this year and I can remember the day we found out she would be joining our family through adoption. I love how they do new things all the time so make sure and watch him move, blink, smile and all the other wonderful things he will do for you! He is so darn cute but we do miss you on the news!


  2. Brandi, I am going to live through you and Easton vicariously since Jack is still too fragile to take out and about with us. He’s only allowed to go to doctor appointments, but that’s ok. He’s home with us now and doing grand. So get on out and have a latte for me and Jack, we’ll be rooting you (and Nebraska) on from the home front. Hope all is well!


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