Throwback Thursday

Nebraska Football is more than just a ‘team’ in our state.. it’s tradition.  It’s unity.  It’s respected and celebrated.  Players are not just members of a program for 4-5 years, they become lifelong members of an elite club and are not easily forgotten by Husker Nation.

Join KETV as we look back every Thursday on former Nebraska Football players; their favorite memories at Memorial Stadium, what they are doing now and their thoughts on today’s program.  I’ll bring you a Throwback Thursday Husker every Thursday night on KETV at 6, and showcase more ‘behind the scenes’ details here at Anchor’s Away!

Have a favorite player YOU want to throwback to?  Send me an email and let me know:


RON KELLOGG III (Class of 2013)


ALEX HENERY (Class of 2010)

JOE GANZ (Class of 2008)

JEFF KINNEY (Class of 1971)

WILL SHIELDS (Class of 1992)

JERRY MURTAUGH (Class of 1970)

OFC. CURTIS COTTON (Class of 1991)

DR. JUDD DAVIES (Class of 2003)

ZACH POTTER (Class of 2008)

LT. GREGG BARRIOS (Class of 1990)

CURT TOMASEVICZ (Class of 2003)

DAVE RIMINGTON (Class of 1982)

REX BURKHEAD (Class of 2012)

DR. ROB ZATECHKA (Class of 1994)



DR. MIKE STUNTZ (Class of 2005)

SEN. BRETT LINDSTROM (Class of 2003)

ASST CHF. JOHN McCORMICK (Class of 1987)

JAMMAL LORD (Class of 2003)

CJ ZIMMERER (Class of 2013)

JAY FOREMAN (Class of 1998)

MONTE ANTHONY (Class of 1977)

LARRY JACOBSON (Class of 1971)

JESSE KOSCH (Class of 1997) & BILL KOSCH (Class of 1971)

COREY McKEON (Class of 2007)

PAT RICKETTS (Class of 2003)

BO RUUD (Class of 2007) & BARRETT RUUD (Class of 2004)

ZAC TAYLOR (Class of 2006)


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