One Moment In Time

You know you’re a good singer when…

A) You are performing at New York’s Carnegie Hall

B) You receive a full-ride music scholarship to college

C) You know that under no circumstances should you ever, EVER try to sing Celine Dion, Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston at karaoke.  Just don’t do it.

Ok, that last one is one of my own personal rules. But can I get a ‘Heck, yea!!!’ from my fellow singers out there?!?!

I am merely a car-concert performer.  My audience is occasionally my two little boys in the backseat, and the poor souls in my neighborhood who can hear me through my sunroof. (My apologies.)  Today’s featured Miss Nebraska contestant is the REAL DEAL..


Miss Western Nebraska Morgan Yost

I don’t know how she feels about option C, but Morgan is making A and B reality!  She is a busy young woman, participating in show choir and choir at Western Nebraska Community College, majoring in Pre-Dental Hygiene, all while making appearances throughout her year of service as Miss Western Nebraska.

“Not only does the Miss Nebraska/Miss America organization provide many scholarships and other wonderful opportunities, but it provides real-life preparations,” said Morgan in a recent interview.  “It allows a person to be themselves while serving their state and community.”

Untitled 5

Morgan has been participating in pageants for eight years, encouraged to try her first one at the age of 13.

“To be in a pageant, you don’t have to be pretty or perfect,” said Morgan.  “You have to be yourself, the person who God simply created you to be.  If you put your faith in God, wonderful things will happen.”

Morgan describes herself as a ‘farm girl’ who raises pigs, loves to sing and likes getting dressed up on occasion.

Untitled 3

“Pigs and pageants?? I never would have put those two together,” said Morgan.  “Pageants have made me into the person I am today.  There’s something that has brought me back each and every year.”

As Miss Western Nebraska, Morgan is promoting her personal platform to prevent distracted driving, which she calls ‘Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks.’

“Over a year ago, my community and hometown was hit with many fatalities that occurred because of distracted driving,” said Morgan.  “Having to attend funerals of girls who I went to high school with was never part of my plan at such a young age.  I wanted to choose a platform that made an impact on the lives of others.”

Untitled 6 Untitled 2

Morgan has teamed up with the Nebraska State Patrol to speak at schools and other civic organizations across Nebraska’s panhandle, encouraging others to not only practice safe driving, but to make it a habit.

“There is nothing that can compare to the possibility of saving a life,” said Morgan.  “Although good things do not come out of every situation, God will be there in the end to answer and comfort your heart.  We must trust in His plans and purposes for life.”


Full ride music scholarship–check.  Singing at Carnegie Hall–check.  Making a difference as Miss Western Nebraska–check.

Let’s add one final option to the checklist:

You know you’re a good singer when…

D) You’re competing for Miss Nebraska, so you earn the right to sing whatever you want at karaoke!!!


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Connect with Miss Western Nebraska, Morgan Yost

on Facebook

Click here for more information about the Miss Gering/Miss Western Nebraska pageant.


The Miss Nebraska pageant takes place June 5-7 in North Platte, Nebraska.  For more information, visit the Miss Nebraska website.


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