They’re Cousins All The Way

Last weekend, Easton met who will likely be one of his buddies growing up..

…his cousin, Jace!

Note:  Easton’s not crying because Jace is holding him.. he’s crying because we took away his binky to take the picture.  BAD IDEA!!

5-year-old Jace is our sweet, smart nephew.  I still remember the first time he called me ‘Aunt Brandi’–a first for me!  And even when I was pregnant he knew he was getting a new cousin!  In fact, he looked at the ultrasound photos and offered his own name suggestions for us 🙂

It’ll be wonderful watching these boys grow up together.. looking for Easter eggs, playing football in the backyard, and hanging out together when they are teenagers.  For now, they’re just our adorable little boys 🙂

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